Winning against redness

Environmental and genetic factors can cause an uneven skin tone, redness in particular. Correct color irregularities, with Dreamtone and Hydra Zen and regain a perfect skin tone, even without makeup.

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Hydra Zen Beauty Balm Neurocalm™ BB Cream
Anti-stress moisturising Tinted Cream
Available in 3 shades
Hydra Zen Neurocalm™ - Dry Skin
Stress-relieving moisturising Rich Cream
50 ml
Hydra Zen Nuit NeuroCalm™
Anti-stress moisturising Night Cream
50 ml
Hydra Zen Neurocalm™ Eye
Anti-stress moisturising Eye Care
15 ml
Hydra Zen Day Cream – For Dry Skin
Anti-stress moisturising Gel-Cream
50 ml
Hydra Zen Day Cream SPF 15
Soothing Moisturising Cream SPF15
50 ml

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