A Juicy Shaker for every Look

Did you know that applying makeup can also be fun? The all-new, revolutionary Juicy Shaker is here to make the experience even more enjoyable and worthwhile!

If you’re looking to achieve that bold, head-turning look, we recommend you choose Juicy Shaker 300/Lemon Explosion. Apply it on your lips and use a lighter shade to add some brightness to the center.

For a charming, irresistible appearance, choose 283/Berry in Love.

If you’re a fan of the more subtle look, you can choose to apply 102/Apri-cute on the whole lips and, using a darker shade, add some deeper anchoring to the color.

Making sure all eyes are on you requires a lipstick shade that lives up to the challenge. Apply concealer to contour and define your lips then proceed to apply Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker in 151/Cherry Symphony.

For an appearance that reflects your strong personality, choose 381/Mangoes Wild as your lips’ best friend on your outings with friends. You can also contour your lips using a lighter shade, for a lively festival of orange.