Beautiful Moments with Zeina Abdalla

The calm and serenity that distinguish Zeina Abdalla attract whoever lays eyes on her. It’s even a bit hard to believe that the woman standing before you has been through the thick and thin of life.

A mother and a successful businesswoman who has earned herself a great reputation in Dubai, Zeina is a role model for Arab women who master the skill of multitasking. Zeina was one of the forces who headed the process of founding two companies: Moushii, a company that provides special party supplies, and Fishfayce, which introduced a first-of-its-kind photo booth concept in 2010 which has since become a must-have accessory at various events.

Zeina, now expecting her second child, will be sharing insights into her life as a businesswoman, wife, and mother. In addition to beauty and makeup hacks, she will be sharing private information with us, such as her ambitions, her life at home, her approach to maternity, and more interesting news.

First off, congratulations on your second pregnancy; how would you describe the feeling?

Thank you so much. I am very happy. I was a bit scared in the beginning, but the fear soon turned into excitement about being a mom to two young children so close in age.

Is being pregnant for the second time any different than the first?

I would say I am more relaxed and comfortable this time around. I guess that’s because I’ve already been pregnant once. Throughout my first pregnancy I used to be constantly worried about my baby’s health. I am now enjoying the experience. All I want is for my baby to be happy and healthy.

What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant?

Zein, my son, was the first person I told I was pregnant, and despite his young age, I soon after told my husband and family and they were very happy to hear the news . I am looking forward to my two children spending time together and bonding. The age difference between them isn’t huge,so I’m hoping they will be very close.

How do you spend your time while pregnant? Do you continue working normally?

I have been putting in more hours at work, actually – way more than my first pregnancy. I feel that my life is now more balanced and organized. I exercise three times a week, and go to work every day. I leave the office early to pick up Zayn from nursery and spend some time with him before he goes to bed.

You have been a mother for about two years, a wife for about six, and you are a successful businesswoman by all standards. How do you manage to find time to do everything?

I believe that being highly organized is key if one wishes to be able to multitask and find time to do everything they need to do. Managing one’s time perfectly and always aiming at being on top of everything affecting your work, life and that of your family will help you take good care of yourself and your loved ones. You will also be able to perform well at work.

Do you spend a lot of time with your son Zayn?

I sure try to. Although I am very busy, I am always keen on being next to him and monitoring his needs. I believe a child needs his mother a lot, at different times of the day. I may be forced to be absent on weekdays, because of work, but I am always by his side on weekends. and in the afternoons after nursery I feel guilty when I’m absent, but I realize one can’t achieve perfection at everything.

Do you feel like you started taking less care of your beauty since the birth of Zayu?

On the contrary. I now pay more attention to my appearance, and I’ve started taking better care of my skin.

You seem to be very positive. Do you ever lose your positive outlook on life?

I do everything I can so that I don’t lose that. It’s so easy for someone to despair and allow negativity in. I believe being strong, hopeful and happy is what keeps me going and helps me enjoy every moment.

Is Mother’s Day different now that you’re mom to Zayn?

My love and appreciation for Mother’s Day has grown twofold with Zayn in my life. He makes me experience the most beautiful feelings.

How did you and your husband meet?

Although both of us went to university in Montreal we never crossed paths. We met in Dubai through a mutual friend. To be honest, I didn’t quite know he would become my husband when we first met as we were very good friends.

What do you think is your husband’s favorite thing about your outer appearance?

I believe that would be my hair and my skin.

How would you describe your wedding day?

I remember enjoying that day to the fullest. I didn’t allow any stress, anxiety or negative thoughts to ruin the experience for me. I made sure to enjoy every single moment, although it all went by so quickly.

You have Iranian roots, born in the United States, grew up in Canada and have lived in Sudan and now the UAE How did that geographical diversity affect you at the personal and the professional level?

In fact, this diversity nurtured my sense of responsibility and taught me how to communicate effectively with others and accept everyone regardless of their differences. Having lived in many countries added to my knowledge and made me more cultured.

Do you give attention to your fitness and diet?

Of course. I am committed to being fit and exercising at least three times a week. I love yoga and barre and I always aim at following a diet that keeps me looking and feeling great.

What is one of your nightmares when it comes to your appearance and beauty?

That would be the dark circles under the eye. I don’t get enough sleep, and this is why concealer is one of the most important products for me.

How would you describe your daily makeup?

I would say my makeup is simple and easy on the eyes. I use creams and a primer that are soft on the skin, concealer, blush,mascara and some lipgloss.

What is one of your weirdest makeup hacks?

I use eye cream on my lips.

What are your favorite products by Lancôme?

For my eyes I love Hypnôse mascara and Artliner.