Beautiful Moments with Mthayel Al Ali

Mthayel Al Ali from Sharjah studied media and mass communication in Dubai College. Despite her young age, Mthayel has already managed to found her own creative marketing company, “Tkhayyal” (Arabic for Imagine). Her choice of name is inspired by her own ambitious personality and unstoppable character. Mthayel, only 24 years old, has managed to earn a substantial following on social media and to maintain her reputation as a confident and professional Emirati businesswoman. Mthayel will be sharing with us all the little details about her wedding, the preparations and anticipation leading up to that, as well as how she plans to juggle her job and her life at home. She will also be imparting us the best beauty hacks and secrets to maintaining the daily glow, before and after marriage. Below is Beauty Mag’s first interview with Mthayel:

1.How do you describe your typical day at work? I find “packed” the best adjective to describe my day at work. I wake up early and head to the company where I spend the entire day working and attending meetings in and outside of the office. I also attend a lot of events to which I get invited, knowing the nature of my work [in marketing].

2- What are the difficulties a young woman like you faces when she decides to start her own company? The difficulties are too many to list. I did face a lot of challenges, especially that I went into the workplace straight after graduation. However, I believe that this has motivated me to prove to everyone what I’m made of.

3- Can you give us one reason that justifies your love for your job? I love the fact that I spend a lot of my time meeting new people and communicating with people [from different backgrounds]. This prevents things from becoming boring.

4- Although you are very fashion-forward, you are still loyal to the traditional Khaliji style, with the headscarf and the abaya. How do you explain this combination? I believe it’s indeed a beautiful mixture, for I am proud of this traditional look and I feel regal when I wear the abaya. This is why I work on designing many of them myself. I also feel so proud wearing the headscarf. Fashion and conservatism don’t have to be polar opposites - together they can create something beautiful.

5-What is one important moment you absolutely cannot forget? The day I launched my company is definitely one I can’t forget. I chose to have the launch party in an empty swimming pool.

6- What are the activities that make you happy? I love listening to music and I am captivated by the fact that it is in and of itself a standalone culture. I also have a weak spot for dancing and this is why I take private dance lessons. I do like painting, although I am not good at it.

7-How do you describe your relationship to food, and do you stick to the three-meal daily plan? Since I leave the house early in the morning, I rarely eat breakfast. I usually have two meals a day and I try to avoid fast and greasy foods as well as fizzy drinks. I prefer dishes made with organic ingredients.

8-Your oriental features and glowing skin are captivating; how do you keep your skin healthy? Keeping hydrated and ensuring that I take off all my makeup are really important for me. Lancôme products always accompany my day and nighttime beauty regimens. For day and night skincare, I use the full range of Absolue L’Extrait starting with the lotion, and following through with the serum and day cream. For nighttime skincare, I use Bi-Facil which is my savior when it comes to eye makeup removal followed by toner and Absolue night ritual

9-You just got married in the most serene setting, several aspects of which were against the norm. What motivated these rather unconventional choices? Every single detail [I incorporated into my wedding] reflected my personality. This is why I put a lot of thought into choosing an uncommon location that is in harmony with my out-of-the-box thinking. I wanted to do something different from all other Emirati weddings. The fact that the event happened during the day made the entire experience more memorable. I was able to see every single detail in the venue, my guests, and enjoy the daylight.

10-What are some of the most memorable beauty details you remember about your wedding day? For my big day, I chose to go with the best, as I know memories of my wedding are going to stay with me forever. This is what I’ll be telling my children and my grandchildren. I wanted to keep my makeup light and simple opting for a feminine floral lipstick as the ‘pop’. I finished with “La Vie est belle” fragrance by Lancôme, which I have been using even before my wedding day. For me, the fragrance symbolizes my conviction that every woman should always remember that, no matter what, life is beautiful. So it was no surprise when each of my guests left with La Vie Est Belle! Follow Beauty Mag where Mthayel will be sharing more insights on her choice of wedding dress and décor!